Spirit Remediation Consultants

Training & Certification for Dealing with Spiritual Crisis in Paranormal Investigation

Background Checks:

All candidates must submit to voluntary criminal (not credit) background checks which is included in the cost of tuition at this time. In order to quality for certification candidates must not have any outstanding warrants, felony convictions, or misdemeanor convictions involving physical violence, sexual crimes, burglary, theft, trespass or other crimes that seriously question the professional or personal character of the member. Candidates who fail this background check will have their application rejected and tuition reimbursed minus the the cost of the background check.


There is a no-questions-asked hassle-free 30 day refund policy on initial candidate tuition fees for candidates who pay in full up front.

Candidates who elect payment plans may also invoke the same refund policy, but may only be refunded their last payment made within the last 30 days.

Refunds exclude the cost of background checks.

Removal of Membership and Certification in SRC: 

Membership and Certification may be stripped from any member at any time for gross violation of the SRC Code of Conduct and Ethics, serious criminal violations that would result in background check failure, etc. without refund of tuition or fees. Members removed in this way cannot re-apply or re-join SRC.




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