Spirit Remediation Consultants

Training & Certification for Dealing with Spiritual Crisis in Paranormal Investigation

SRC Code of Conduct (Draft):

You must respect any and all private property postings, never trespass.

Harassment or abuse of any type toward other members will not be tolerated.

Show respect and reverence at all locations of historical, cultural, or religious significance.

Always treat your clients with respect, have their best interests at heart and respect their wishes when at all possible.

Client wishes for privacy must always be respected and great care must always be exercised with protecting client anonymity.

Share any and all evidence collected on behalf of a client with that client so long as you believe sharing is in the best interest of the client.

Give clients an honest, non-biased, objective opinion based on evidence and information available and do so promptly after an investigation concludes. Advise whether you feel paranormal activity has indeed occurred and present a recommended plan of action for the client based on your findings. This should be provided in writing and will be maintained in your own case records.

DO NOT CHARGE CLIENTS FEES for services above and beyond the actual expenses incurred for an investigation. In such circumstances it is preferred such costs are not solicited as fees, but may be accepted with gratitude if offered. Costs must be disclosed clearly and in writing before expenses are incurred.

Show respect and compassion for an entity involved in a case unless or until that entity has definitively proven hostile intent.

Never withhold evidence, documentation, facts or information  from lead investigators that may influence the outcome of a case.

Always conduct investigations in a professional manner: No drugs, alcohol, etc.

Do  not steal leads from another group or coerce clients to enlist assistance with one group over another, instead allowing the general best interest of the client to supersede.

NEVER fake paranormal activity. Intentional submission, sharing or posting of false or fabricated evidence will be grounds for immediate certification revocation.

Certification holders may refer to themselves as “SRC Certified Spirit Remediators,” but may NEVER refer to themselves in a manner that may lead another to believe this title is academic, legal or governmentally issued in nature. This is a private certification.

Members may NOT conduct any business, meeting, investigation or event in the name of SRC without written authorization from SRC leadership.

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