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Case Study – The Black Hope Horror

The unit focused on negative or traumatic hauntings will be lynch-pinned on a classic case known as The Black Hope Horror.

This story shares remarkable parallels to the famous movie Poltergeist and may be the original inspiration for the script, yet this is based on a true story. The story was also turned into a classic movie titled Grave Secrets with Patty Duke and Drake Shelby.

As is classic to the Poltergeist script, a family moves into a newly built home only to find things are not quite right. Strange happenings begin slowly at first and then progress over the course of time to stranger, dangerous and finally deadly (literally).

This fate is shared not only by the central family but apparently with all residents of the neighborhood.

The haunting phenomenon run the entire gambit including but not limited to: poltergeist like activity, sudden obsessive compulsive disorders and mental fixations, strange animal and insect activity and even death, threatening ghostly apparitions, and even physical attacks.

The family happens upon some information that sheds light on why this may be happening and through some investigative efforts discover that their entire neighborhood is built on an “unofficial” slave cemetery from an old plantation that was broken up and sold off to land developers. The family suspects that the developers moved the headstones for the cemetery but left the actual bodies in the ground.

This information puts the central characters in a very awkward legal situation. In order to prove that the bodies are still in the ground they must dig one up. However, doing so would desecrate a grave. As tension builds and a tragic series of events fall into place they’re left with little choice but to make a decision one way or the other.

The book is currently out of print and available in VERY limited supply. We’ve approached Harper Collins Publishing, the current owners of the property as far as we can tell, and asked for permission to make the title available to SRC students for free. We hope to hear back from them shortly.

Should the publisher not allow for use of the the original book within the course we will likely substitute the movie Grave Secrets in place of reading the book, however much detail is obviously lost in the translation to screen.

We encourage everyone to get their copy of Black Home Horror early and dive into the story in advance so you’re ahead of the curve when the SRC certification course launches as this case study will be central to the course. Also, if you have not already done so please sign up on our SRC Early Bird / Founding Members mailing lists so that you receive these announcements about course materials early.


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