Spirit Remediation Consultants

Training & Certification for Dealing with Spiritual Crisis in Paranormal Investigation

SRC is the brain-child of author of Help! I’m Haunted: Dealing with Ghosts and founder of Houston Ghost Research, James Sangster.

James has been in the field of paranormal investigation for nearly 15 years and has been running his own group for the majority of that time. Over the years he has seen a strong tendency for the perspective of investigative groups to shift from a focus on HELPING CLIENTS, where it should be, to a near-obsessive fixation on gathering “evidence.”

While there is absolutely a time and a place for strict scientific study and gathering of clean empirical data, the shift in focus within the community often left the CLIENTS of these investigative groups out in the cold. Most clients originally contact a group because they’re in crisis and need expert advice and guidance for the problem they’re experiencing.

If it so happens that the problem is not paranormal or spiritual in nature the strict scientific approach and debunking methods often used can often bring relief. However, in situations where there is a legitimate spiritual crisis involving an entity these groups are often very ill-equipped to deal with the situation and in MANY cases an investigative group would often leave a client in worse standing than they were when they initially got involved, having stirred the pot without having any skills or plans to help the client deal with the entity.

SRC was born out of that problem. James has taken the time-tested method and approach he’s developed with Houston Ghost Research and study material required of its members which includes a substantial reading list, case studies and hands-on training, and leveraged his technical background in adult training, online course development and delivery to create the SRC certification course.

In addition to technical skills, James also has a strong and divers background in spiritual matters. He’s an ordained minister and non-denominational Universal Unitarian diest with extensive study in Comparative Mythology as the field was originally developed by noted scholar and mythology professor Joseph Campbell. James also has an extensive background in several schools of mysticism, modern shamanism and ritual prayer.

As an IT professional and lover of science and technology in the age of reason it’s also difficult to ignore some of the advances that are being made within the field of quantum mechanics, holographic theory and consciousness as it impacts our perceptions of reality. These concepts marry very nicely with the above mentioned spiritual philosophy.

This extremely diverse spiritual and scientific perspective has lead to a profoundly deep understanding of the paranormal phenomenon as it relates to classic hauntings, ghosts, possession and exorcism which have been at the foundation of the methods employed Houston Ghost Research for many years now. This has established a nearly flawless track record of satisfied clients and resolved cases and established that this method and approach to the problem has been sufficiently tested. This perspective and these methods utilized by HGR are discussed in-depth within the SRC certification course material and are the foundation behind the concept of Spirit Remediation.

James is also uniquely qualified for the development and delivery of SRC material as he has worked in the development and delivery of distance education within the higher education community for over 15 years. He’s skilled in the administration, development and delivery of online learning, especially to adults and has taken those skills to develop an engaging and informative course available to fellow paranormal investigators throughout the world.

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