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Training & Certification for Dealing with Spiritual Crisis in Paranormal Investigation

New Online Certification Course to be Released


Do you take paranormal investigation seriously? Do you wish there was some sort of certifying body or agency to lend legitimacy to your group? Do you wish there was a serious course of study to become a professional paranormal investigator?

Do you want to get plugged into a network of other groups that share similar goals and viewpoints?

That’s what SRC is all about. We got tired of waiting for someone else to build it. We decided to leverage our extensive background in online learning and over a decade of investigation experience, case work and research and create something our entire field can get behind. A serious certification endorsed by our peers and backed up with serious academic study.

The goal of this project is to offer affordable and standardized training for paranormal investigators in the field and certify them via a serious 3-6 month academic-style online course in core competencies related to this field. The course will be self-paced, will have an extensive reading and study list

This course will have a significant focus on “spirit remediation.”

Spirit Remediation – Dealing with unwanted or problem spiritual entities, especially entities that are hostile or dangerous in nature.

We believe that this is an area of the paranormal field that most groups in the field are woefully under-equipped to deal with.

Applicants completing this reasonable course of study will be certified through SRC and listed on our website as approved and certified independent agents. Groups with at least 1 member in leadership holding an SRC certification will be listed as a “certified group.”

How Do You Set Standards In Our Field?

The paranormal investigation world is an unregulated wild west. This allows for the freedom of literally anyone to pick up the mantle becoming a PI with little to no training. While we respect and appreciate the freedom to do this the situation often leaves clients who are in need of assistance out in the cold when dealing with new groups with little to no training or expertise.

How Do You Deal with Disruptive or Dangerous Entities?

This is ESPECIALLY true in an investigation that actually involves an entity. It takes relatively little skill or knowledge to debunk a non-paranormal occurrence but what happens when an un-prepared group actually gets a serious case involving an actual entity or even a hostile entity. A potentially well-meaning group can often do more harm than good in this situation.

This study course is designed specifically with these problems in mind. We build a foundation of knowledge needed for all levels of investigation and then focus on one of the primary problems in this field. What do you do when you’ve got the “tiger by the tail?” What do you do when you’ve actually found a case with an entity?

What is this Course About?

This course is currently under development by a veteran investigator and author with over a decade of field experience. The author also has several years experience as a professional adult trainer and 15 years experience developing and administering online courses in higher education which makes him uniquely qualified to develop and oversee this project.

Units and topics of study involve but are not limited to:

  • Basic Concepts Paranormal Investigation
  • Various types of hauntings
  • Cast Studies of famous and high-profile cases
  • Common forms of “evidence” such as EVP, Photo and Video
  • Advanced topics such as Psychokinesis
  • Basic Case Paperwork
  • Best practices for client interview
  • Use of spirit mediums and psychics
  • How to find or start a reputable investigative group
  • Quantum Mechanics and Holographic Theory as it relates to PI
  • Dealing with Friendly or Hostile entities
  • Ritual Binding and Removal of entities.
  • Basic Concepts in Exorcism

Expected completion of this course will be in late 2015. We are currently seeking to partner with several serious investigative groups throughout the country who are interested in gaining (significantly discounted) early bird access to the course materials, completing the program in a timely manner and helping to endorsing the certification.

Individuals or groups who sign up on our early bird announcement list will receive exclusive access before the general public is allowed to participate. A limited number of scholarships will be available and awarded in special circumstances. Additional information will be forthcoming on our mailing list.

What Gives SRC the Authority to Certify?

SRC is a private peer-endorsed certification program. Our authority to certify comes from developing our own proprietary training course and certifying new members. The value of that certification comes from the intrinsic value of having gone through a professional level course and the knowledge/skills gained from that training. Most PI groups don’t have a training program at all much less a professionally developed course overseen by veteran investigators. Value is derived from the quality of that training and the recognition from other certified course graduates and SRC members.

As word about SRC circulates amongst the professional PI community and more individuals and groups are certified the more value your certification holds.  Peer-endorsed certifications increase in value as the number of certifications increase. Help us get the word out about SRC by sharing our Facebook and Twitter information with your fellow investigators.

How Much Will It Cost?

We believe in allowing students to work at their own pace, therefore tuition costs will cover unlimited access to the course for a period of up to 3 years.

The scope of this course is designed to be similar to that of one or two long-semester college level courses. There is an extensive reading list required to work through the study units and students will be required to pass both objective and subjective examinations in each unit (standard online exams + essays).

Consider the amount of work involved in researching, setting up, administering, grading individual student course work and hosting active weekly office hours. The course is heavily interactive and designed to promote peer-to-peer discussion and interaction on a regular basis overseen by instructors who are extremely knowledgeable in the field.

This all adds up to a lot of time spent per-student, time that must be compensated fairly, especially given the quality of content and expertise provided. This is a small price to pay for mentored study under experienced investigators.

Standard Tuition: $699/student
Discounted Group Tuition: $499/student*
Optional Payment Plan: $65/month for 12 months.**

* Special Early Bird / Founding Member Tuition:

ONLY available if you’re on our mailing list and enroll before the course is released to the public. This is a limited-time offer for assistance in helping to pilot test the online course. This pricing option will expire when the course launches publicly. Get in now while you can.

Discounted Rate – $499/individual or $399 group discount*.
(payment plan option will be available)

Books and other study material must be obtained by the student independently and are detailed in the course syllabus. (available soon)

Other SRC Certification Benefits:

SRC certification holders will also receive the following:

  • Personalized SRC Certification ID card.
  • Embossed and foiled SRC Certificate suitable for framing.
  • Permission to post the SRC Certified logo on your group’s website.
  • Professional profile and listing on this website including Founding Member status.
  • No Extra Fee criminal background Check (required for membership)***
  • Access to attorney reviewed membership agreements, client investigation agreements, waivers, etc for use in your group.
  • Priority case referrals from other SRC members who receive leads in your area.
  • Lifetime access to online discussion and consulting forums reserved for certified members.
  • Grandfathered out of membership fees or Continuing Education credits that may be deployed in the future to maintain certification. *only for Founding Members



*Requires 3+ group members sign up simultaneously and remain enrolled.
**Tuition must be paid in full before certification is issued.
***Members must be in good standing with the law to certify. They must not have any outstanding warrants, Felony Convictions, or Misdemeanor convictions involving physical violence, sexual crimes, burglary, theft or other crimes that seriously question the professional or personal character of the member. See our policy page for additional information.

Certifications will be subject to achieving a 90% or better overall score in the exam AND adhering to a mandatory code of ethics and practices endorsed by SRC. A verified breach of the code of ethics and practices may result in either a suspension of certification or outright removal. (more coming on this later.)

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